DQ500 (0BH/0BT) 7 Speed With Wet Clutch

Mostly used in VW Transporter from 2009- until now, Audi RS3/TT-RS, Audi Q3 and VW Tiguan. The DQ500 gearbox is the strongest transversal DSG within the VAG concern. Therefore, this one is used on heavier vehicles and models with high power.

The DQ500 can handle up to 800hp/1000Nm. (With TVS/DSG software)

Performance Software Options

    Drivability Upgrade Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2* Stage 3 Stage 4
    Stock 600 Nm 700 Nm 700 Nm 800 Nm 1000 Nm
 Improved Drivability   Optimized D Shift Program  X      X  X  X
 Unique shifting strategies matching the   Optimized S Shift Program  X       X   X  X 
  engine for ultra smooth up- and downshifting.   Optimized M Shift Program  X      X  X  X
     Imroved Cruise control program  X      X  X  X
 Life extender options   1st Gear de- or reactivation (optional)  X       X   X   X
 Sustainable software solutions for extended    Improved Clutch cooling  X       X   X   X
 gearbox lifetime.   Improved thermomanagement  X       X   X   X
 Performance Options   Maximum gearbox torque [Nm]    600  700  700  800  1000
 Various necessary software modifications for     Increased maximum clutch pressure [bar]    -  14-15  14-15  18-19 18-19
  fastest performance during acceleration   Necessary torque limiters raised    X  X X X X
 and up- and down shifting while keeping   Improved up- and downshifting speed (D+S+M mode)      X  X  X  X
 drivability smooth. Perfectly matching   Imroved shifting paddles response      X  X  X  X
 shifting strategies for any engine and   Improved take off (D+S+M mode)      X  X  X  X
 gearbox combination.   Torque reduction delay (D+S+M mode)      X  X  X  X
    Full manual M mode (optional)      X  X  X  X
            Automatic upshift deactivation      X  X  X  X
            Automatic downshift deactivation       X  X  X  X
            Kick-down deactivation      X  X  X  X
    Customized upshift RPM setpoints up to 8000 rpm          X  X
    Customized downshift RPM setpoints          X  X
    Race mode without torque reduction (optional)          X  X
    Unique modifications for DSG Race Clutch          
             Special clutch characteristics calibration            X
             Special anti judder take-off functionality            X
 Launch Control (LC)   Improved LC reponse time for quicker launchse      X  X  X  X
 Lounch control activation and/or   Multi-step LC RPM limits      X  X  X  X
 enhancement included user definable   Different LC modes for D/S/M mode      X  X  X  X
 launch settings.   LC with ESP ON activation      X  X  X  X
    Boost on Launch mode (included "rally sound")          X  X
 Additional options   Gear Display Indicator (MFA) activation        X  X  X
    Reduced engine braking        X  X  X
    Coasting disabling        X  X  X

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