DQ200 (0AM/0CW) 7 Speed With Dry Clutch

Used in all VAG models from 2007 until now with a 1.0-1.9 litre engine.

The DQ200 is the first and only 7 speed DSG with a dry clutch. These gearboxes are known to have a lot of issues, especially compared to his predecessor the DQ250. The most common issue is the excessive wear of the clutch. In 2011, TVS-Engineering has developed special software to prevent this issue. Without this software the gearbox will be damaged for sure. This software is unique and is only delivered by TVS-Engineering or TVS dealers.

The DQ200 can handle up to 350 hp and 420 Nm. (With TVS/DSG software)

Performance Software Options

    Drivability Upgrade Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2* Stage 3 Stage 4
    Stock 280 Nm 350 Nm 350 Nm 400 Nm 500 Nm
 Improved Drivability   Optimized D Shift Program  X      X  X  X
 Unique shifting strategies matching the   Optimized S Shift Program  X       X   X  X 
  engine for ultra smooth up- and downshifting.   Optimized M Shift Program  X      X  X  X
     Imroved Clutch control (TVS patented)  X      X  X  X

  Vibration bump reduction during 1st -> 2nd gear acceleration

 X      X  X  X
 Life extender options   1st Gear de- or reactivation (optional)  X          
 Sustainable software solutions for extended    Improved Clutch control (TVS patented)  X          
 gearbox lifetime.   Improved thermomanagement  X          
 Performance Options   Necessary torque limiters raised [Nm]    280  350  3500  400  500
 Various necessary software modifications for     Increased maximum clutch pressure    -  X  X  X X
  fastest performance during acceleration   Necessary torque limiters raised    X  X X X X
 and up- and down shifting while keeping   Improved up- and downshifting speed (D+S+M mode)      X  X  X  X
 drivability smooth. Perfectly matching   Imroved shifting paddles response      X  X  X  X
 shifting strategies for any engine and   Improved take off (D+S+M mode)      X  X  X  X
 gearbox combination.   Torque reduction delay (D+S+M mode)      X  X  X  X
    Full manual M mode (optional)      X  X  X  X
            Automatic upshift deactivation      X  X  X  X
            Automatic downshift deactivation       X  X  X  X
            Kick-down deactivation      X  X  X  X
    Customized upshift RPM setpoints up to 8000 rpm          X  X
    Customized downshift RPM setpoints          X  X
    Race mode without torque reduction (optional)          X  X
    Unique modifications for DSG Race Clutch          
             Special clutch characteristics calibration            X
             Special anti judder take-off functionality            X
 Launch Control (LC)   Launch control activation          X  X
 Lounch control activation and/or   Improved LC reponse time for quicker launchse          X  X
 enhancement included user definable   Multi-step LC RPM limits          X  X
 launch settings.   Different LC modes for D/S/M mode          X  X
    LC with ESP ON activation          X  X
    Boost on Launch mode (included "rally sound")          X  X
 Additional options   Gear Display Indicator (MFA) activation        X  X  X
    Reduced engine braking        X  X  X
    Coasting disabling        X  X  X

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